Methods of working

Retro prints, old journals, letters, documents, bills, lost treasures are the first materials for my "seismographic work". Vibrations of human behavior can lead to the first image records. My "seismographic recording" is going though different stations: Example of paper collage to a detail photographed on a slide. This might migrate into the lye bath, whereby the emulsion of the slide is under attack. The projected onto a wall rescued celluloid may be filmed by me; the still image digitized. Does the work in its not yet tangible last digital phase reaches its statement in the process, I immortalize this with printing techniques on materials or it remains a projection medium for an another seismographic record in the lighting sector.

Contract work for music and book cover illustrations have the special appeal , an image of the subject to be discovered, to design, that a spark of the content of the work stimulating reflects.


lieber nach disneyland


direkt ab fabrik  

das gute gut bewahren





front cover vamp





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